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How GiftSelfie Works for Retailers

Click here to view What is GiftSelfie for shoppers.

GiftSelfie offers retailers a huge opportunity to catch window shopper’s attention, like never seen before! Please read the What is GiftSelfie presentation for end users.

The cost of converting window shoppers into customers is forever increasing and the conversion rate is minimal.

GiftSelfie guarantees to convert window shoppers into customers at the highest conversion rate and at the cheapest cost, in the world.

Advertise your products, at full price, online and in shop windows, with the most attractive offer EVER seen! Get it as a FREE GIFT Let us show you how

Using the GiftSelfie service will allow you to offer customers the opportunity to receive any product FREE as a gift.

Customers are able to create their own gift occasions without the need to wait for a special occasion to come up. E.G. I Love My Wife Day, and they can choose what day to receive your product as a gift.

Online retailers can use the GiftSelfie "Get it as a FREE GIFT Let us show you how" widget on products advertised online and we have plugins developed for all E-commerce CMS. Retail shops can advertise in shop windows using our trademarked logo:
GiftSelfie trademark

This will capture the window shopper’s attention and show them how to get it as a FREE GIFT.

As a retailer you simply open an account and start converting window shoppers into customers, as follows:

Online Retailers :

Use our widget next to any product you wish to sell, at full price, and attract maximum attention. The widget will redirect the window shopper to your GiftSelfie account where they watch the GiftSelfie video and enter their with the occasion details.
The gift details are automatically inserted and cannot be changed by the end user. The gift details are entered by the retailer and stored in the retail account details.

Security :

We have anti spam systems in place so the service cannot be used outside its intended use. When a customer chooses to use GiftSelfie to get your product as a gift, their mobile phone number has to be verified to ensure there is accountability as to who exactly requested the gift.

Retail Service Cost :

Cost per gift request varies depending on the country where our service is used with the minimum cost of 10 cents US, the cheapest customer acquisition cost in the world with guaranteed sales.
Retailers are not charged for using our service until the gift request has been received by the person purchasing the gift.

GiftSelfie is a service for retailers that guarantees to increase sales.
GiftSelfie does not sell products and does not promote products, we provide a unique service for retailers to sell products.
All customer data is confidential and is not shared or sold to anyone.
We are a 5 star service that creates a win/win situation for both the retailer and the customer.